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Optiqo Hygiene Display

Optiqo Hygiene Display

Making your professional cleaning visible.

Unlike ordinary paper lists/check lists, Optiqo Display simplifies presentation of supervision areas. The staff only needs to show their ordinary Service-ID card in order to register work that has been performed. Accurate time recording is saved digitally, messy paper lists are eliminated and administration is made easier.



• Branding opportunities with logotype and unique message

• Unlimited Attendance Registrations

• Unlimited users

• Multiple color choices

• Time stamp IN/OUT

• PC and Mac compatible software

• Time zone support

• AM/PM support

• Day-light saving support

• WiFi App support (Ad-Hoc registration download)

• WiFi network support

• Battery-operated, up to 14 months with AA standard batteries

• Easy installation

• Made of recycled plastic, free of oil amongst other material


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Paper & pen is no longer an option

With the Optiqo Hygiene Display you can throw the old paper checklists away.

Display in a professional manner when the room was last cleaned

Use your fantasy – The Optiqo placeholder above the screen can be customized to your needs. Why not having your own logo and your specific message fronting your customers eyes.

You can not cheat with registrations

With the inbuilt real-time clock – there is no possibility to cheat with time attendance. You can be secure that someone really pushed the button at a certain time.

No training required

Since Optiqo Hygiene Display is using RFID technology – it’s only a small card that needs to be used to register the time presence. Actually – you don’t need to know the time or date.

Optiqo Hygiene Display


Optiqo Hygiene Displays can be shipped world wide. Please click the link below to get in contact with us.

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